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Policy Analysis Available on Critical Habitat Exclusions

A proposed policy on Critical Habitat Exclusions was recently put out for comment by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 

An analysis of the proposed policy, developed by Tim Male of Mission:Wildlife provides organizations and individuals who have an interest in endangered species issues with a better understanding of the implications of this new policy and a set of recommendations for improvements to it.

Sand County Foundation, which serves as the fiscal sponsor for Mission:Wildlife, knows how important endangered species issues are, especially for landowners.  We have consistently advocated for greater application of incentives for landowners who voluntarily protect and enhance rare plants and animals.  Offering private property owners a pathway to exclusions from a critical habitat designation could be a powerful incentive for conservation as well as a remedy for one of the more injurious powers of the Endangered Species Act.

While the technical deadline for comments is October 9, 2014, those interested may also consider reaching out to state or local Fish and Wildlife Service staff who serve your interests.