Kinzua Quality Deer Cooperative

The Kinzua Quality Deer Cooperative (KQDC) Area is 74,000 acres of public and private forest lands in Northwest Pennsylvania where science-guided management is producing quality deer and quality habitat. Public access is available across the entire area.

Since the program began in 2000, KQDC biologists have documented significant increases in deer body weights and antler characteristics (see article below). Habitat quality for deer and other wildlife has also shown improvement. As important, forest managers are decreasing their dependence on deer-proof fencing as a tool for reforestation. This means more habitat for wildlife, and fewer areas off-limits to hunters.

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This wildlife and forestry success story is the result of deer hunters and land managers working together. The sportsmen and landowner leaders of the KQDC invite you to learn more about the project. Come see for yourself what a voluntary commitment to scientific deer management can achieve for quality deer and quality habitat.

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