Conservation on the Land

Sand County Foundation’s team of scientists works in partnership with farmers, ranchers, forestland owners and other land managers to conduct needed research and demonstrations of effective conservation farming practices. 
This work inspires and empowers a growing number of land owners and managers to ethically care for the land to sustain water resources, build healthy soil, enhance wildlife habitat, and support outdoor recreation. 

Prairie Filter Strips

Research shows planting dense, diverse and deep-rooted strips of prairie next to corn and soybean fields has multiple environmental benefits.

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Rotational Grazing Cover Crops

Sand County Foundation is demonstrating the conservation and economic benefits of rotational grazing livestock on cover crops.

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High School Pollinator Habitat Grants

Insect pollinators are essential for food production and ecological diversity, but their populations are at risk.

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Soil Management and Technology

Sand County Foundation is empowering farmers with real-time data about their conservation practices.

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Driftless Region Conservation Partnership

The U.S. DANRCS, Sand County Foundation, and other partners are combining forces to address conservation issues in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin.

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