Our Work

Sand County Foundation's mission is to advance the use of ethical and scientifically-sound land management practices and partnerships for the benefit of people and the environment. We are laser focused on enabling private landowners to realize their full potential as conservationists and profitable stewards of the natural resources in their care. Through our partnerships and initiatives, Sand County Foundation’s work will ensure a future in which private landowners have the inspiration and freedom to improve the environment while responsibly producing food and fiber for a growing population.

Leopold Conservation Award®

Our network of private land stewards has grown out of our Leopold Conservation Award Program. This prestigious honor is given to outstanding farmers, ranchers and forestland owners for extraordinary achievement in voluntary conservation.

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Wildlife Habitat

More than 90% of threatened or endangered species have some part of their habitat on private land. Sand County Foundation is working in partnership with landowners to enhance habitat for rare species through voluntary efforts.

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Managing Land for Water

Sand County Foundation works with landowners to solve critical soil and water issues. We are testing and modeling practices that can improve soil health and reduce surface water pollution.

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