Haglund Ecology Fund

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Sand County Foundation’s longtime President, Brent Haglund, who now serves on our board of directors and chairs the science advisory committee, has always had an uncanny ability to inspire landowners to become better land stewards. His dedication to science-based approaches to environmental improvement grew Sand County Foundation’s impact nationally and abroad.

To know Brent, is to know that his interest in the natural world and his dedication to a land ethic began at very young age. He believes conservation and environmental improvement don’t need to be complicated or expensive, and that such work should be within every citizen’s reach, especially young people.

A special fund established by Brent’s siblings, and enhanced by friends and family, has been invested to motivate and empower land stewards, environmental educators and young people across the U.S.

Please consider making a special gift to bolster the Haglund Ecology Fund in recognition of Brent’s career accomplishments and ongoing dedication to advancing science-based conservation approaches.

Click on the "Donate" button above, and select Haglund Ecology Fund in the dropdown menu.

For more information about other ways to contribute to this fund, contact Chris Schellpfeffer at cschell@sandcountyfoundation.org.

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