Prioritizing Resources to Meet Water Quality Goals

The nation’s water quality is dependent on past, current and future land use and management decisions. To align priorities towards meeting national goals, Sand County Foundation conducted a comprehensive agricultural water quality assessment in partnership with more than 30 agriculture and water quality experts. The final report identified primary focus areas critical to advancing conservation on agricultural land.

These five areas of emphasis present opportunities where funding and support should be prioritized to address the nation’s agricultural water quality challenges.

1. Encourage collaborative conservation with private industry

2. Develop rural and urban partnerships within watersheds to advance conservation.

3. Support shared-access to data to properly scale conservation practice impact.

4. Build local technical assistance capacity to ensure success of conservation programs.

5. Establish more farmer-led groups to overcome barriers to adopting conservation practices.

These focus areas are summarized in a comprehensive report that provides background and direction for local, state and federal agencies looking to prioritize efforts, initiatives and funding.

Sand County Foundation conducted the project in collaboration with USDA NRCS, Noble Research Institute, and Farm Foundation to advance nationwide farm conservation programs.

The project was made possible through the support of USDA NRCS, The Fertilizer Institute, McKnight Foundation, The Ida and Robert Gordon Family Foundation, and Walton Family Foundation.

Read the report briefing. To read the full report, click here.

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