Wyoming 2006 Barlow Livestock Inc. Gillette Leopold Conservation Award Recipient

Barlow Livestock Inc. is a family owned and operated ranch located 20 miles west of Gillette. It was started in 1898 by L.H. Barlow who, as a 14-year-old boy, left home and settled in the Gillette area.

Barlow Livestock Inc. is now owned by Glenn and Joy Barlow, who operate the ranch with Glenn's mother, Gertrude, and their children, Duce and Trey.

The Barlow family believes in carrying out ranch tasks in a manner that suits and compliments the surrounding environment. They have matched the genetics of their cattle to their surroundings in order to utilize natural forage. They have employed a cell grazing and water pipeline system that has eliminated overgrazing.

The Barlows were nominated for the Leopold Conservation Award by Mack White, District Conservationist of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). Having worked with the Barlows to provide technical assistance as they developed a land management system, White has seen the family's dedication to the environment and their land.

"By creating numerous pastures, the Barlow Ranch has the flexibility to move their pastures," White said. "This allows for the improved health of the land, thus benefiting the wildlife habitat, the water cycle, and overall appearance of the landscape."

Wyoming Stock Growers Association Executive Vice President Jim Magagna applauds the Barlows' approach to agriculture.

"Glenn and Joy are utilizing what they have learned from attending Parson's Ranching for Profit School to develop goals and objectives for the family and ranch," he said. "They are not afraid to step out of the box in order to be good stewards of the land and accomplish these goals."