California 2006 Lange Twins Wine Estates Lodi Leopold Conservation Award Recipient

Photo Credit: Paolo Vescia

Brad and Randy Lange are third-generation winegrape growers on their 6,500-acre Lange Twins Wine Estates vineyard near Lodi. The Langes have improved natural habitat on their property through restoration of a riparian area along the Mokelumne River and the implementation of unique, eco-friendly pest-control methods.

The Langes planted French plum trees alongside the vines to host leafhopper predators, encouraged the presence of insect-eating birds, and installed bat houses. They use over-the-row electrostatic vineyard sprayers that reduce the amount of chemicals by at least half, and reduce the amount of water needed to dispense the chemicals ten-fold.

The Langes regularly host meetings and tours at their vineyard for regulators, public officials, media, and environmental organizations to keep the dialogue open regarding sustainable conservation. They were instrumental in the development and implementation of the Lodi Winegrower’s Workbook, which is deemed in the industry to be an essential guide for individuals seeking to improve farming and conservation practices.

Brad And Randy Lange

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