Wyoming 2009 Foy Ranch Glendo Leopold Conservation Award Recipient

Three generations of Foys keep Foy Ranch running at a high level. Rocky and Nancy, their children, Josh, Emily, and Paul, and Rocky’s parents, Leo and Ann, all pitch in to make the ranch a success.

“Rocky is always thinking of ways he can improve his ranch for current and future generations of Foys,” wrote Misty Hays, president, Wyoming Society of Range Management, in her letter of recommendation. “He has proven to be an excellent land steward by challenging himself to improve the management of the ranch and never accepting status quo.”

Foy Ranch

Foy Ranch, which is comprised of over 7,000 acres, is a cow-calf operation located in Platte County. The ranch consists of irrigated meadows, upland range, and riparian areas. The Oregon Trail and Pony Express are part of the ranch’s rich history. The Foys utilize several innovative land management techniques. They developed water resources, which allow for efficient rotational grazing. They also installed sprinklers to increase hay production, use no till and inter-seeding practices to reduce runoff and enhance vegetation, and make use of beetles for thistle control. In 2004, the family introduced Boer meat goats to feed on weedy forbs, including sagebrush, to help enhance the grassland.

The family took a lead role in establishing the Glendo Wind Energy Association with the goal of harnessing wind resources to create clean power.

“I work with ranchers all across southeast Wyoming, and I can confidently say that the Foy Ranch is one of the best examples of a ranch based on stewardship that I have ever encountered, said UW Extension Agent, Dallas Mount, in his letter of recommendation. “Rocky and his family have gone far above the norm in seeking out ways to improve rangeland condition of the operation.”