Texas 2006 Treadwell Brady Ranch Christoval Leopold Conservation Award Recipient

The Treadwell Brady Ranch implements all five of Aldo Leopold’s essential tools: axe, cow, plow, fire and gun.

Their conservation efforts include: habitat management, erosion control, supplemental food, water and shelter for wildlife, predator control, and wildlife population surveys.

Cattle on the Treadwell Brady Ranch are managed with a light, rotational grazing regime. Prescribed burnings burn 20-35 percent of the ranch annually. Mechanical brush control keeps invasive species in check, and six dense mesquite flats have been converted to fenced supplemental food plots for wildlife. The ranch has also made water improvements that benefit wildlife.

Hunting opportunities of deer, quail and turkey are offered to youth. The ranch also provides bird watching and trail rides.

The landowners were instrumental in the formation of the Calf Creek Prescribed Burn Co-op, which later evolved into the McCulloch County Prescribed Burn Co-op. The ranch readily helps neighbors with prescribed burns, coordinates field trips with neighbors to wildlife and range management seminars, and provides speakers at seminars.

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