Farm & Village Water Quality Partnership

The Fund for Lake Michigan has awarded a grant to the Sand County Foundation to assist a southeast Wisconsin village with water quality improvement.

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The $100,000 grant supports Sand County Foundation’s outreach to farmers to implement conservation practices that will limit the amount of phosphorus entering local waterways.

The Village of Grafton is located in Ozaukee County within the Milwaukee River watershed.

The grant supports Sand County Foundation’s two-year commitment to Grafton’s water quality project.

Sand County Foundation, a national non-profit that works at the intersection of agriculture and environmental improvement, will support the Village of Grafton to reduce nutrient and sediment losses from farms upstream as a cost-effective means to improve water quality and meet village wastewater discharge permit requirements.

To date, the Fund for Lake Michigan has awarded 352 grants totaling $23 million to non-profit organizations and local government agencies, who partner with the private sector on water quality improvement projects than promise broad social, economic and environmental returns.

Launched in 2011, the Fund for Lake Michigan supports investments throughout the Lake Michigan watershed that improve water quality, create jobs, raise real estate values, revive communities, clean waterfronts, support habitats and drive tourism.

Sand County Foundation tests and demonstrates conservation practices with farmers, ranchers, foresters and businesses. These efforts produce clean water, healthy soil, abundant wildlife habitat and opportunities for outdoor recreation.